Community Care

Kitchen fun from making dumplings

The people at Father Tapella Home of Fu Hong Society in Shek Wai Kok were in high spirits on the Saturday morning of 3 August 2013 – the volunteer team of Cosmos visited the friends and had much fun making dumplings together.

The social workers of Fu Hong Society first showed the volunteer team around Father Tapella Home so that they were familiar with the environment and understood how the friends lived or learnt there.

When it came to make dumplings, the volunteer team and friends were split into two groups and each member was given different task. Being fans of cooking, some friends were so excited and were very quick at mastering the techniques. Everyone worked closely with each other and could make nice-looking and delicious dumplings.

By making dumplings, the friends built up their self-confidence and integrated themselves with people around them as they learnt how to concentrate on their duties and develop a sense of team spirit.

After the busy session, they couldn’t wait to enjoy the dumplings which really made a tasty memory for them.

Everyone was busy making dumplings.

The volunteers and friends shared the joy of social integration for the disabled.