Awards and Accolades

Shenzhen Gainbase wins recognition for optimization of sewage system

Shenzhen Gainbase Printed Circuit Board Company Limited, the manufacturing base of Hong Kong-owned Gainbase Industrial Limited specializing in printed circuit boards in Cosmos Group, was awarded "Excellent Enterprise in Waste Reduction" by Shenzhen Pengcheng Waste Reduction Steering Committee in June 2010. Shenzhen Gainbase also walked away with a cash bonus of RMB2 million which is set to fund the plant's future environmental initiatives.

The process of making printed circuit boards involves the use of a large number of chemicals and a daily consumption of 2,400 tons of water. Since the end of 2008, Shenzhen Gainbase had invested RMB7.7 million to upgrade its sewage system, with completion at the end of 2009.

Shenzhen Gainbase has now employed the advanced chemical oxidation (SuperOxy) technology which uses oxidant, catalyst, flocculant and reducing agent to remove the non-biodegradable organic pollutants in the sewage. The sewage will then go through the biological submerged aerated filters (SAF) for absorption and reduction of organic substances. As a result of these processes, the COD in the wastewater is reduced from 400 mg/L to 50 mg/L, and the amount of copper is kept at 0.2 mg/L respectively, excelling by far the highest national standard on sewage discharge. By saving water and recycling wastewater, the PCB manufacturer has a significant decrease in sewage of more than 50% while the quantity of pollutants inside has doubled.

"Knowing that the mainland government is introducing more stringent measures on environmental issues, we are not going to make our moves at any push. We would rather do it in one go," said Mr. Danny Yip, Managing Director of Gainbase. Mr. Yip added that by using less water and the upgraded system, which operates round-the-clock, the Shenzhen plant can make an annual saving of RMB2 million but has to spend RMB1 million in system maintenance, yet an optimized sewage system can help Gainbase fulfill corporate social responsibility and achieve sustainable development in Shenzhen.