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Se series servo-driven injection moulding machines of Welltec and Dong Hua achieve National Energy-Saving Grade 1 Certification

The Se series double closed-loop servo-driven energy-saving injection moulding machines of Welltec Machinery Limited and Dong Hua Machinery Limited, two subsidiary companies specializing in plastic injection moulding machines of Cosmos Group, took the lead in achieving the National Energy-Saving Grade 1 Technical Standard certified by the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of Plastic Machinery (NCPM) in March 2010.

In the wake of the increasing intensity of international energy supply, the energy-saving issue has become the priority research area and pressing task of more and more enterprises. In October 2009, the Chinese plastic machinery industry formulated the standardized work according to the "Plastic Injection Moulding Machines Energy Consumption Testing and Rating Standard" and officially implemented the standards in the whole industry.

The energy consumption of injection moulding machines is classified into 6 grades, with grade 1 being the most energy-efficient level. Machines producing each kilogram of standardized sample with an energy consumption of less than or equal to 0.4 kW.h is classified into grade 1. There are currently only a few machine manufacturers who can achieve this standard.

Welltec and Dong Hua carried out the research on energy efficiency by means of innovative technology early in the late 90s of the last century. In 1998, the two companies developed the fixed displacement vane pump with frequency inverter and applied it in injection moulding machines with long moulding cycle. They were also the first machine manufacturer to tap this design concept in mass production.

Following the economic trend and growing popularity of the servo-driven system at the beginning of the 21st century, they developed the Sv series energy-saving injection moulding machines with double closed-loop servo-driven piston pump in 2007, which were widely recognized by the industry and clients.

In early 2009, Welltec and Dong Hua set up strategic OEM alliances with their foreign and domestic key component suppliers in an attempt to build energy-saving and high precision injection moulding machines which were relatively the most cost-effective and the most popular. With the two companies' wealth of experience and competitiveness in mechanics, hydraulics and electric controls, and after numerous PDCA cycles, the Se series double closed-loop servo-driven energy-saving injection moulding machine was launched in April 2009 and debuted at the Guangzhou Chinaplas the following month.

The Se series machines – a renewed version of the Sv series – come with outstanding performance but are at more affordable prices. Unlike other general injection moulding machines, the holding time of the Se machines is unlimited as they have overcome the temperature rise problem caused by long holding time of servo motor and driver. In addition, the complete Se series standard machines are suitable for PMMA and all kinds of engineering plastics moulding. The use of double-displacement piston pump also results in a reduction of energy consumption of over 50% during the holding and cooling phases compared with other machines which use gear pump or screw pump system. The product weight repeatability can also be minimized to less than 0.2%.

Although the Se series is positioned as general purpose injection moulding machines, their configurations do not compromise on performance and quality. They are equipped with German non-contact type absolute position transducers which give high precise resolution and with almost infinite service lifetime. The electronic energy meter is another standardized item to enable customers to view the energy consumption data directly. Given these special features, Welltec and Dong Hua were the forerunners in the Chinese plastic machine industry to include the above-mentioned items as standard configuration.

Taking the elevator and the automobile industries as role models, Welltec and Dong Hua developed injection moulding machines with the concept of brake-energy regeneration usage. The working of injection moulding machine requires frequent start-up and braking of servo-driven hydraulic unit, and the recovery of kinetic braking energy can further enhance the energy-saving effect. Equipped with energy regenerative unit, the braking module together with the current-rectifier module will store the excessive energy in the form of electric energy in the storage module. Upon coming start-up of servo-motor, the stored energy will be recovered to DC bus-bar to supplement the electricity needed. Welltec and Dong Hua have successfully applied this technology in injection moulding machines with the wide support of their strategic OEM partners. From different condition tests, there is a general saving of 3% to 5% of energy in medium-sized machines.

In early 2010, Welltec and Dong Hua have submitted the patent applications of design invention and utility model to the National Patent Office, which were preliminarily accepted. In April, the Se injection moulding machine with servo-driven hydraulic brake-energy regeneration usage device was exhibited at the Shanghai Chinaplas. This product innovation aligns with Welltec's and Dong Hua's competitive strategy of "Focused Differentiation" and reflects their strong commitment to provide customers with the finest and the most unique products.

In January 2010, the NCPM expert group conducted a thorough on-site examination of the Se series machines (below 1000T), which passed all the stringent inspection and testing by not only reaching the standard, but also significantly exceeding the National Grade 1 energy-saving standard. In March, the 1800Se machine (with 1800T clamping force) successfully produced each kilogram of plastic sample of electrical appliance with an energy consumption of 0.36 kW.h. This testing result has been validated and appraised by NCPM as Grade 1 energy-saving standard. Besides being the first-ever large-sized injection moulding machine (with clamping force of over 1000T) to achieve this rating, the 1800Se machine has also marked an important milestone for the Se series on its road to reduce energy usage.

One of Welltec's Malaysian customers producing paint buckets is a good example to show how users can benefit from the Se series energy-saving machines. In the past, the customer used the Japan-made 650T variable pump injection moulding machine for production and was charged Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) 710 daily for electricity consumption. Since they switched to Welltec's 600Se machine in September 2009, the daily electricity charge has dropped to MYR 250.6, which is a substantial decrease of 64.7%. Apart from this, the Se machine has better performance in production cycle and oil temperature than the Japanese 650T machine. The customer has unveiled its plan to gradually replace the old machines with the Se injection moulding machines from Welltec.

As pioneers in the plastic machinery manufacturing industry, Welltec and Dong Hua consider energy efficiency as core value, and integrate it into the design and manufacture stages for each of their products. The Se series is the latest star of the energy-efficiency machine family which offers outstanding energy performance during its entire life cycle and creates both economic and environmental benefits for customers. The newly launched JSe large-sized two-platen, FT-Se multi-material, and PVC-Se energy-saving injection moulding machines greatly improve productivity while achieving energy efficiency and helping customers of different industries to realize their goals of energy conservation and emission reduction.

An Se series servo-driven energy-saving injection moulding machine certified by NCPM as achieving the National Energy-Saving Grade 1 Technical Standard.