Other Businesses

Other Businesses

Cosmos is constantly exploring business opportunities to enhance profitability for its stakeholders. We presently have extensive investment in the businesses of printed circuit boards and CNC electrical discharged machines. We also provide comprehensive consultancy services in information technology management, system integration, workflow re- engineering, and automation.


  1. Printed circuit boards
  2. CNC brass wire-cut machines
  3. CNC molybdenum wire-cut machines
  4. EDM machines
  5. Super drill EDM machines


  1. Consultation and implementation of ERP and CRM systems
  2. System integration
  3. Information technology training
  4. Maintenance of small computers
  5. Development of software and websites
  6. Information technology services contractor

Subsidiary Companies

  1. Gainbase Industrial Limited
  2. KFE Hong Kong Company Limited


  1. Cosmos i-Tech Solutions Limited
  2. Dongguan Tong Sheng Computer Limited
  3. Suzhou Sanguang Science & Technology Company Limited