Plastic Processing and Products

Plastic Processing and Products

Equipped with advanced designs for moulds, top-notch mould making skills and state-of-the-art processing facilities, the mould centre of Cosmos provides overseas customers with precision injection moulds besides meeting the needs of the plastic processing business. Thanks to our professional production and management team and our experience in plastic processing accumulated over the years, we have been able to provide customers with all kinds of plastic parts and products for engineering and everyday uses, including aseptic food packaging products and tableware, IML products, single-use plastic cutlery and containers, eco-friendly plastic mannequins, large-sized plastic spare parts for washing machines and automobiles, and multi-coloured and high precision figurines.

Maximizing our expertise in plastic application and working in close collaboration with our machinery manufacturing business, Cosmos has been providing customers with comprehensive solutions for plastic processing and fitting out of plants. In order to better keep track of market development and to provide timely service for our customers, we have set up strategic bases of plastic processing and manufacturing in various locations of China so as to confine our each service area to a shorter supply radius and to reduce logistics costs.


  1. Aseptic food packaging products and tableware
  2. IML products
  3. Single-use plastic cutlery and containers
  4. Eco-friendly plastic mannequins
  5. Large-sized plastic spare parts for washing machines and automobiles
  6. Multi-coloured and high precision figurines
  7. All kinds of plastic spare parts

Subsidiary Companies

  1. Karmay Plastic Products (Zhuhai) Company Limited
  2. Dongguan Cosmos Plastics Products Company Limited
  3. Hefei Cosmos Grand Plastics Company Limited
  4. Dongguan Posh Concept Mannequins Company Limited
  5. Dongguan Hua Qi Plastic Work Company Limited