Machinery Manufacturing

Machinery Manufacturing

Cosmos rose to fame in machinery manufacturing with fully-equipped plants for heavy machinery in South and Eastern China, state-of-the-art processing and production facilities, well-trained staff, and sound management and quality control systems.

The manufacture of machinery is primarily led by the market and technological development. With "Focused Differentiation" as Cosmos' overall strategy, we have ensured our distinctive competitiveness by integrating our leading positions in hydraulic, mechanical and power control technologies. Our technological research and development team works on new technologies in concert with professionals from around the world so that new machinery products can be regularly launched to meet changing market needs.

Pooling together experts and specialists from overseas and China, our Research and Development Centre for Plastic Applications offers application solutions for our customers through researches on plastic processing and provides professional advice on how plastic processing machinery can best dovetail with application, with the aim of adding value for our customers with our products and services.

Our subsidiary companies engaging in machinery manufacturing have adopted a number of sophisticated management software to improve the management of our production bases, strengthen our production plans, and optimize allocation of resources so that the whole sector can operate with higher efficiency and prompter responses to changes. With customer relationship management software in place, our understanding of the market has deepened, thus placing us in a better position to update our products and services.


1.    Large two-platen (direct hydraulic clamping) injection moulding machines
2.    Servo-driven energy-saving injection moulding machines
3.    All-electric high precision injection moulding machines
4.    Special purpose injection moulding machines
5.    Multi-material injection moulding machines
6.    Rubber injection machines
7.    Extrusion lines
8.    Hydraulic presses
9.    CNC turret punching machines
10.  CNC brake presses
11.  CNC shearing machines

Subsidiary Companies

1.    Cosmos Machinery Limited
2.    Cosmos Machinery Technology (Jiangsu) Company Limited
3.    Welltec Machinery Limited
4.    Dong Hua Machinery Limited
5.    Wuxi Grand Tech Machinery Group Limited
6.    Dekuma Rubber And Plastic Technology (Dongguan) Limited
7.    Cosmos Machinery (Dongguan) Trading Company Limited
8.    Cosmos Machinery (Wuxi) Trading Company Limited