Corporate Overview

Corporate Profile

The history of Cosmos Machinery Enterprises Limited ("Cosmos", stock code: 118) dates back to 1958 when it commenced trading in China-made machine tools. After half a century's development, Cosmos' business has diversified rapidly and now covers machinery manufacturing, plastic processing and products, and trading of machinery and industrial consumables, etc. The public listing of Cosmos on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited in 1988 also marked a significant milestone in our growth.

In establishing our foothold in industry, we put people first, value pragmatism, and encourage continuous learning. Based on these core values, Cosmos aims to maximize value for its stakeholders, thereby building a strong reputation.

Moving forward, Cosmos will further foster its core businesses in China and provide the finest products and services for the world.


We strive to become a fast-responding and highly efficient business conglomerate, and to maximize value for the stakeholders.


To realize our vision, we are committed to the following missions to maximize value for our various stakeholders:

  • To supply customers with the right products and services by responding promptly to market changes and customers' needs;
  • To provide employees with a platform to give full play to their talent and a challenging career to achieve their personal and professional goals;
  • To satisfy owners with reasonable and sustainable return;
  • To contribute to the society with care, passion, integrity and respect.