Community Care

Making button picture with stroke patients

The volunteer team of Cosmos got together with the stroke patients from different districts and their family members at Christian and Missionary Alliance Kwai Fong Church on the Saturday afternoon of 26 August 2017 and joined hands in making button pictures, a volunteer service organized by Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Lady MacLehose Centre.

The art instructors first gave a briefing on how to make a button picture. Then all the participants were divided into six small groups so that each group was responsible for one part of the button picture. Six small pictures were finally combined to become a meaningful and beautiful large button picture.

In the course of making the button picture, the stroke patients had to glue buttons of different sizes and colours on the predetermined areas of drawing paper, which required a lot of coordination with their eyes and fingers. Besides, they interacted with other group members and integrated into the community.

This large button picture will be displayed during the upcoming World Stroke Day held by Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Lady MacLehose Centre on 28 October 2017 with the aim of increasing public awareness of the stroke risks and demonstrating the steps that people can take to prevent stroke.

The stroke patients and volunteer members concentrated on making the button picture.

Everyone cheered up as the mission was completed.

This handmade button art is ready for display during World Stroke Day.