Community Care

Power Triathlon – an effort to give and to love

To support environmental protection and to strengthen cohesiveness, Cosmos Group and its subsidiary companies had its staff members lined up for the Power Triathlon organized by Konica Minolta. The other main objectives of joining the Power Triathlon were to raise funds for Silence, a registered charity for the hearing impaired, and to fulfill corporate social responsibility.

During the Power Triathlon on 17 November 2016, a team of eight players and a cheerleading squad from Cosmos Group were all in high spirits. Each player took turns to participate in the three designated challenges of cycling, running, and rowing on different power sports equipment. Each sport challenge lasted for ten minutes with an intermission of two minutes in between. While the players were working hard against the clock, our cheerleading squad cheered excitedly and encouraged the players to push harder for the best result. Their team spirit won them one of The Best Team Spirit awards.

The kinetic energy generated from the power sports equipment during the competition was converted into electrical energy and conserved for use in the green concert held by Konica Minolta on 5 December 2016.

The triathletes and cheerleading squad from Cosmos Group pitched in together for charity and environmental protection.

Mr. Freeman Tang, CEO of Cosmos Group, battled for charity and ran the power treadmill in person.

Cosmos Group was one of the winners of The Best Team Spirit.