Community Care

A green tour of Caritas City Farmer Organic Farm

Cosmos volunteer team and their family members joined the friends from Father Tapella Home of Fu Hong Society for a green tour of Caritas City Farmer Organic Farm on 19 June 2010.

Through this visit to the countryside, the volunteer members aimed to show their tender loving care for the underprivileged and help them integrate into the community. Meanwhile, all participants could learn a lot about organic farming and broaden the horizons.

In that fine summer morning with the sizzling sun high in the sky, the group of enthusiastic volunteers and friends took a coach ride and arrived at the Caritas City Farmer Organic Farm located far in Fung Kat Heung, Yuen Long. The farmers gave the visitors an explanation on what organic farming was and its impact on the environment. They then led the visitors to the farmland via the small paths to physically see the wide variety of crops such as sweet corn, eggplant, silky gourd, watermelon, button mushroom, amaranth, carrot, lemongrass, mint, malabar-nightshade, etc. Because of the hot weather, everyone was beaded with sweat throughout the tour. However, most participants were interested to buy lots of fresh and seasonal vegetables straight from the organic farm, making the tour a complete one.

After the visit, they returned to city centre for the lunch session during which the volunteer members once again took good care of the friends.

Despite the sweat and heat, the volunteers and friends enjoyed soaking up the beauty of nature.

The volunteer members and friends walked shoulder to shoulder along the paths.

The volunteer members and friends had a taste of farming together.

The volunteer members took good care of the friends during the lunch.