Community Care

New Year celebration with vitality

In a bid to celebrate Chinese New Year, the Cosmos volunteer team organized an energetic and fresh start for the friends from Father Tapella Home of Fu Hong Society on the Saturday morning of 20 February 2010, the seventh day of the Lunar New Year.

Under the initiative, a group of early bird volunteer members from Cosmos arrived at Father Tapella Home of Fu Hong Society in Shek Wai Kok to visit the friends, bringing with them a new year's present. Both parties rejoiced to meet again and exchanged greetings. The friends sent each volunteer member a DIY gift in return – an elaborate mosaic photo frame with a thank-you note inside – which was much treasured by the recipients.

The participants then went to the Lingnan Garden in Lai Chi Kok for some outdoor exercises. The stunning garden of Chinese style is spacious and decorated with beautiful courtyards and winding corridors, water features, countless species of plants, exquisite rockery and bonsai, and many more. Following some leisurely strolls and an admiration for the scenery, they worked in pairs and did different stretching exercises on their limbs, heads and waists under the guidance of a registered physiotherapist. They also moved on to the pebble path and walked on it for improvement in blood circulation and health enhancement.

After the hectic morning, there came the last exciting moment of the day when the volunteer members and friends popped into a Chinese restaurant to recharge their stomachs.

Everyone enjoyed making camera clicks in the beautiful Lingnan Garden.

A body workout is a good way of braving the cold weather.

The elaborate mosaic photo frames are treasured by volunteer members.