Community Care

Springtime for togetherness and learning

Cosmos volunteer team visited the friends from Father Tapella Home at Cheung Sha Wan Adult Training Centre of Fu Hong Society on 21 February 2009. Being a great opportunity of togetherness and learning in the springtime, the visit aimed to build up the self-confidence of the underprivileged and create a more inclusive society.

The event got started when the volunteer members had a tour of facilities in the training centre and an explanation of its daily operation given by the social workers of Fu Hong Society. This enabled the volunteer members to have a better understanding of how the friends from Father Tapella Home received training in self care, use of body muscles, perception, communication skills, social activities, home-based activities, community life, simple tasks, artistic activities, and multimedia.

With the help of two volunteer instructors from The Hong Kong Council of Social Service, the volunteer members and friends had a lesson in making twisty balloons, which was the highlight of the day. The participants crowded around the instructors who demonstrated the skills of creating different shapes of poodles, swords, hats, bracelets, and many more. They experienced a thrilling moment while making and breaking the balloons. But after a process of trial and error, they finally made them.

In the tea break that followed, the volunteer members and friends calmed themselves down and had friendly chats with each other. Then, they headed home with self-made twisty balloons in their hands and pleasant smiles on their faces.

Everyone just wanted to have fun.

Cosmos volunteer team and the friends showcased their works of twisty balloons.