Awards and Accolades

Dong Hua Machinery awarded the Top-Grade Honor for Science and Technology Development

According to the "Notice of Dongguan Science and Technology Award" from the People's Government of Dongguan Municipality, Dong Hua Machinery's Network Intelligent CNC Sheer-Metal Processing Equipment is the only candidate awarded top-grade honor for science and technology development in Dongguan. The award is examined and reviewed by Dongguan science and technology committee and Dongguan Bureau of Science and Technology. In the meantime, Dong Hua "TTI-(180-230) FT Series Multi-Material Injection Moulding Machine" is awarded the second place for science and technology development in Dongguan, which indicates our advanced technology in the city and the country. In 2007, Dong Hua Machinery wins total 85 pieces of Science and Technology Development Awards in Dongguan, which include one piece of top-grade honor, 18 pieces of the first place, 26 pieces of the second place, 38 pieces of the third place and two pieces of the second place of technology invention honor.